Presentations on SpinW

This is where you get to learn SpinW!

Crash course in SpinW

Presentation and tutorials given to KU students at NBI in May 2019

Getting started with SpinW

How to install and get started with SpinW by example

SpinW and Horace

How to integrate SpinW as a calculation engine for modelling and fitting single-crystal inelastic neutron scattering data handled by Horace

Introduction to SpinW 3.1

Internal data structure of a SpinW object

Magnetic Structures in SpinW

Defining and refining a magnetic structure in SpinW

Advanced features and real world systems

Tutorials on dealing with complex real world systems and publication quality graphics.

Symmetry Analysis

A tutorial on how to use symmetries in SpinW

Spin Wave Theory

Introduction to linear spin wave theory (LSWT)