We are happy to announce that we will organize a two days workshop on SpinW and data analysis at FRII in Munich, Germany.


25th February 9:00 - 16:00 and 26th February 9:00 - 16:00


Glasspalast (auditorium in the FRMII entrance building)


  • Inelastic neutron data analysis using Matlab (Simon Ward)
  • Introduction to strategies to fit spin wave spectrum (Simon Ward and Sandor Tth)
  • SpinW: (Sandor Toth)
    • how to use basic scripting to get spin wave spectrum of simple models quickly
    • internal SpinW data structure and advanced manipulations
    • complex magnetic structures
    • symmetry analysis of the spin Hamiltonian
    • optimizing magnetic structures
    • fitting inelastic neutron scattering data (single crystal, powder) Our aim is that at the end of the 2 days course, all participants will be able to fit a measured spin wave spectrum and magnetic structure using a model spin Hamiltonian.


Please write an email to Robert Georgii with your personal details (name, affiliation) Please don’t wait with the registration, because we have limited space available (the room has 25 places). Participation is free, but you have to bring your own laptop with Matlab (R2012a or later) preinstalled You have to manage the accommodation yourself (Robert can help you if you need)


18th December, 24:00 GMT

We are looking forward to see you in Munich!

Sandor & Simon & Robert