The package contains functions that can create and control plotting of 3D objects. It contains low level functions to plot specific shapes on any figure (cylinder, line, arrow, ellipsoid, polyhedron, sphere, text) that are vectorized for fast plotting of multiple objects using a single [matlab:patch] command. Moreover it provides the swplot.plot command to plot multiple objects with specific color, transparency, label and legend on the swplot figure including tha ability for smooth rotation and translations via the mouse (that are much better than the default 3D rotation with mouse in Matlab). Moreover it has high level commands to plot crystals from SpinW objects (swplot.plot... commands).


Basic 3D objects

Plots primitive geometrical shapes, able to plot multiple objects when input is vectorized. Can give considerable speedup because a single patch command is used to plot multiple shapes.

Creating and modifying swplot figure

These functions provide complete control over the transformations, objects on an swplot figure. These are the alternatives to the Matlab built in commands that control 3D plot axes. The advantage here is the smooth mouse rotation/zoom functionality, nice legend and ability to assign a tooltip text to any object that is triggered by a mouse click on the object.

Plotting SpinW object on swplot figure

These high level plot commands are used to plot different types of data that is stored in the spinw object. All inputs of these commands can be controlled from the spinw.plot command.

Helper function that can be also used as standalone.

\(Name: SpinW\) (\(Version: 3.1\)) \(Author: S. Tóth and S. Ward\) (\(Contact:, @spinw4 on Twitter\)) \(Revision: 1591\) (\(Date: 25-Apr-2019\)) \(License: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE\)