swplot.transform(T, hFigure)

`T = swplot.transform’


swplot.transform(T) transforms the objects on the active [swplot] figure using the transformation matrix T.

swplot.transform(T, hFigure) transforms objects on the [swplot] figure referenced by the hFigure handle.

`T = swplot.transform’ returns the transfomation matrix of the active [swplot] figure.

Input Arguments

Transformation matrix with the following dimensions:
  • \([4\times4]\) This follows the Matlab standard definition of coordinate transformations used by hgtransform.
  • \([3\times 4]\) This is the SpinW format for space group transformations, see swsym.str.
  • \([3\times 3]\) This defines a rotation matrix only.

Setting M to 0 returns the plot to the original orientation (equivalent to M=eye(4)).

Handle of the swplot figure window, default value if the handle of the active figure.

Output Arguments

Transformation matrix of the figure with dimensions of \([4\times 4]\).

See Also

swplot.figure | hgtransform