hFigure = swplot.figure

hFigure = swplot.figure(mode)


hFigure = swplot.figure creates an empty figure with all the controls for modifying the plot and the 3D roation engine initialized that rotates the objects on the figure instead of the viewport. To plot anything onto the figure, the handle of the graphics object (after creating it using surf, patch, etc.) has to be added to the figure using the function swplot.add.

hFigure = swplot.figure(mode) defines settings for the figure.

Input Arguments

Optional string. If 'nohg', then no hgtransform object will be used for fine object rotation. Can be usefull for certain export functions, that are incompatible with hgtransform objects. Default value is 'hg' to use hgtransform.

See Also

swplot.add | hgtransform