swplot.add(hAdd) adds a graphical object to the active swplot figure to enable continuous rotation with the mouse. The function adds the graphical objects to as a children to the hgtransform.

swplot.add(hAdd,hFigure) adds the graphical objects to the figure of the figure handle hFigure.

Input Arguments

Either vector of the handles of the graphical objects, or struct with \(n_{obj}\) number of elements with a handle field each containing a graphical object handle. The struct can contain any subset of the following fields as well:
  • name Default value is 'general' if not given. The name identifies groups of objects.
  • text Text that is shown in the tooltip when clicking on the object.
  • position Position of the object, see swplot.plot for details.
  • label Label that is shown in the legend.
  • legend Type of legend, see swplot.legend for details.
  • type Type of graphical object, see swplot.plot.
  • data Arbitrary data assigned to the object.
The handle of the figure or number in the figure title. The default value is the active swplot figure if hFigure is not given or empty matrix.

See Also

[swplot] | swplot.figure | hgtransform | swplot.delete