sObj = swplot.findobj(Name,Value)

sObj = swplot.findobj(hFigure,Name,Value)


sObj = swplot.findobj(Name,Value) finds graphical objects on the active swplot figure hFigure which have the given property name-value pairs. The possible property names are:

  • handle Handle of the graphical object.
  • objID Unique number of the object (increasing integer numbers).
  • name Name of the object, identifies groups, such as 'atom' for all atoms.
  • label Label of the objects, can identify types of atoms, etc. it will accept sub strings, e.g. 'Cr' parameter would match both 'Cr1 Cr3+' and 'Cr2 Cr3+' labels.

sObj = swplot.findobj(hFigure,Name,Value) search for objects on the swplot figure identified by the hFigure handle.

Output Arguments

Struct that contains all the data of the found objects.

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