swplot.export(Name,Value) exports an swplot figure into a raster/vector image. The function will remove the tooltip before exporting to raster image. For vector graphics, also the legend will be removed as it causes a bug in the Matlab print command. Also, vector graphics export does not support transparency, thus all transparency will be removed from the figure. Be careful, the vector image filesize can be quite large if there are many object on the figure. To reduce the file size, try reducing the \(n_{patch}\) and \(n_{mesh}\) values to reduce the number of faces per object. The function uses the Matlab built-in print command after preparing the figure. All figure property restored after export.

Name-Value Pair Arguments

Handle of the swplot figure. Default value is the active figure.
String, name of the image file. Image type will be determined based on the extension. Supported graphics formats:
  • png Raster image.
  • eps Vector image.

If no filename provided, the function returns without printing.

Resolution for raster images in dpi, default value is 300. Set it to 0, to save the image with the screen resolution.

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