What you need

  • recent version of Matlab (the code is tested mostly on the latest versions R2015b-R2019a)
  • no extra Matlab toolbox is necessary for numerical calculations
  • for the optional symbolic calculations the Symbolic Math Toolbox is necessary

How to install SpinW

  • unzip the downloaded SpinW files into a folder, e.g. spinw, there will be a subdirectory like spinw_2-0beta_rev195, where 2-0 is the version and rev195 is the revision number
  • add all the subdirectories of spinw/spinw_2-0beta_rev195 to the Matlab path
  • to make the path permanent put the following command into the startup.m file (by using edit startup command): addpath(genpath([YOUR_PATH '/spinw/spinw_2-0beta_rev195'])) where YOUR_PATH is the path of the SpinW folder


  • since SpinW is under active development, the files are often updated (new features, bug fixes)
  • to update your installation, execute the sw_update() function in the Matlab Command Line, this will check for the latest available version and downloads it into a new subfolder under /spinw/ and adds the new files to the Matlab search path
  • to make the new path permanent, edit the startup.m file as written above
  • execute the clear classes command in the Command Line to clear the Matlab cache of user defined classes

Have fun!