hPlot = NDBASE.CPLOT(dat, ‘option1’, value1, …)


dat Data, either array of spec1d type or struct with fields x, y and z.


x X-values for spec1d data. scale Scalar, determines the scaling between the x- and y-axis for the interpolation. Default is ‘auto’. npix Number of pixels either scalar or 2 element vector [npixx npixy]. plot Logical, if true a plot will be produced. scatter If true, dots are plotted at the position of the given data points. Default is true. convhull If true, the color map is shown only between the given data points (within the convex hull of the points), this is achieved by giving nan value for all interpolated points outside of the convex hull. Default is true. log Plot natural logarithm of the values.


hPlot Handle of the plot object.