dat = NDBASE.GETDATA(dndobj, ‘option1’,value1,…)

Currently works with dnd objects.


dndobj Object of dnd type.


binType Type of the output bin: ‘center’ Center bin, default. ‘edge’ Edge bin (storing edge value of each bin). axUnit Unit of the axis: ‘default’ Units as it is given in the dnd object, default. ‘A-1’ Units of A^-1. emptyval Value for empty pixels. Default is nan.


dat Structure with the following fields: sig Storing the signal in a matrix with dimensions [nAx1 nAx2 …]. err Standard deviation of the signal stored in a matrix with same dimensions. ax Axes stored in a cell: {ax1 ax2 …}. Each axn is a column vector with nAxn or nAxn+1 number of elements for center and edge bins respectively.