moments = MAGTABLE(obj)

The function lists the APPROXIMATED moment directions (using the rotating coordinate system notation) in the magnetic supercell, whose size is defined by the obj.mag_str.nExt field. The positions of the magnetic atoms are in lattice units.


obj spinw class object.


‘moments’ is struct type data that contains the following fields: M Matrix, where every column defines a magnetic moment, dimensions are [3 nMagExt]. e1,e2,e3 Unit vectors of the coordinate system used for the spin wave calculation, the i-th column contains a normalized vector for the i-th moment. e3 is parallel to the magnetic moment, e1 and e2 span a right handed orthogonal coordinate system. R Matrix, where every column defines the position of the magnetic atom in lattice units. atom Pointer to the magnetic atom in the subfields of spinw.unit_cell.