T = table(obj,type,{index},{showval})


T = table(obj,type,{index},{showval}) returns a table that shows in an easy to read/export format different internal data, such as magnetic atom list, bond list, magnetic structure, etc.

For the matrix labels in the list of bonds, the ‘»’ sign means that the matrix value is determined using the bond symmetry operators.

Input Arguments

spinw object.
String, determines the type of data to show, possible values are:
  • 'matom' properties of magnetic atoms in the unit cell,
  • 'matrix' list of matrices,
  • 'ion' single ion term in the Hamiltonian,
  • 'bond' properties of selected bonds,
  • 'mag' magnetic structure.
Indexing into the type of data to show, its meaning depends on the type parameter. For 'bond' indexes the bonds (1 for first neighbors, etc.), if empty all bonds will be shown. For 'mag' it indexes the propagation vectors, the magnetization of the selected propagation vector will be shown. Default value is 1, if empty vector [] is given, all bonds/propagation vector will be shown.
If true, also the values of the single ion and exchange matrices will be shown. The values shown are the symmetry transformed exchange values after the symmetry operations (if there is any). Default value is false.

Output Arguments

Matlab table type object.