Qm = sw_econtract(Q,Name,Value)


Qm = sw_econtract(Q,Name,Value) converts \((Q,E)\) values in the phase space into \(Q\) values as it would appear when measuring it with via neutron diffraction.

Input Arguments

Input values in reciprocal space in the scattering plane in Å\(^{-1}\) units, dimensions are \([2\times n_Q]\).

Name-Value Pair Arguments

Energy transfer value in meV, default value is zero.
Wavelength of the incident neutron beam in Å.
Momentum of the incidend neutron beam in Å\(^{-1}\), alternative input to lambda.
Scattering sense:
  • 1 detectors are on the right hand side from the incident beam direction, default.
  • -1 detectors are on the left hand side from the incident beam direction.

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