aList = sw_extendlattice(nExt,aList)

[aList, SSext] = sw_extendlattice(nExt,aList,SS)


aList = sw_extendlattice(nExt,aList) creates a superlattice and calculates all atomic positions within the new superlattice by tiling it with the original cell.

[aList, SSext] = sw_extendlattice(nExt,aList,SS) also calculates the bond matrix for the supercell by properly including all internal bonds and bonds between atoms in different supercells.

Input Arguments

Size of the supercell in units of the original cell in a row vector with 3 elements.
List of the atoms, produced by spinw.matom.
Interactions matrices in the unit cell. Struct where each field contains an interaction matrix.

Output Arguments

Parameters of the magnetic atoms in a struct with the following fields:
  • RRext Positions of magnetic atoms in lattice units of the supercell stored in a matrix with dimensions of \([3\times n_{magExt}]\).
  • Sext Spin length of the magnetic atoms in a row vector with \(n_{magExt}\) number of elements.
Interaction matrix in the extended unit cell, struct type. In the struct every field is a matrix. Every column of the matrices describes a single bond, the following fields are generally defined:
  • iso Isotropic exchange interactions.
  • ani Anisotropic exchange interations.
  • dm Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya interaction terms.
  • gen General \([3\times 3]\) matrix contains the exchange interaction.

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