list = sw_filelist(Name,Value)


list = sw_filelist(Name,Value) lists SpinW objects and calculated spectra in the Matlab workspace of in a given .mat file.


After calculating a few spectra, we list them:

tri = sw_model('triAF',1)
sq  = sw_model('squareAF',1)
specSq  = sq.spinwave({[0 0 0] [1 1 0] 21})
specTri = tri.spinwave({[0 0 0] [1 0 0] 21})


No SpinW variables have been found in the Matlab base workspace.

Name-Value Pair Arguments

File path in a string pointing to a .mat file, default value is empty when no files are checked.
Selects the column to sort the generated table with positive/nagetive sign means ascending, descending:
  • '+1'/'-1' variable name,
  • '+2'/'-2' title,
  • '+3'/'-3' creation date,
  • '+4'/'-4' completion date, default value.

Output Arguments

Cell of strings, lists each simulation data in the Matlab memory, even data stored in cells.

See Also

spinw.anneal | spinw.spinwave