[n, collinear] = sw_nvect(V)

[n, collinear] = sw_nvect(V,epsilon)


[n, collinear] = sw_nvect(V) determines whether the given set of vectors are collinear or coplanar. If they are coplanar, it returns the best fitting normal vector, while if they are collinear returns the average of the given vector.

The function can also deal with complex vectors, separating the real and complex parts as separate vectors.

[n, collinear] = sw_nvect(V,epsilon) also gives the upper limit of the collinearity controlled by epsilon.

Input Arguments

Matrix of column vectors with dimensions of \([3\times N]\). Where each column defines a vector.
Defines the limits of collinearity with the following values:
  • 1 the function always return the n closest to the collinear direction,
  • 2 the function always return the n vector closest to the normal of the coplanar plane.
  • e upper limit of collinearity, default value is 0.1, smaller positive values mean stricter limits on collinearity.

Output Arguments

Row vector parallel to the collinear vector direction or perpendicular to the best fitting plane of the coplanar vectors.
true if the given set of vectors are collinear.