parsed = sw_parstr(strIn)


parsed = sw_parstr(strIn) parses input string containing a mathematical expression, a linear combination of symbols with numerical prefactors. The numerical symbols begin with 'S', 'M' or 'P' followed by two letters from the set of 'xyz' or 'P' can be followed be a single letter from the 'xyz' set. For example a valid input string is 'Sxx-0.33*Syy'.


Simple test:

sw_parstr('Sxx + Syy')


  struct with fields:
       type: {[2 1 1]  [2 2 2]}
    preFact: [1 1]
     string: 'Sxx + Syy'

Input Arguments

String that contains a linear combination of symbols, e.g '0.1*Sxx+0.23*Syy'.

Output Arguments

Struct type with the following fields:
  • type Cell contains the same number of elements as in the sum. Each element is a vector as follows:
    • type{idx}(1) Index of type of cross section:
      • 1 for Sperp,
      • 2 for Sab,
      • 3 for Mab,
      • 4 for Pab,
      • 5 for Pa.
    • type{idx}(2:3) Index of the component:
      • 1 for x,
      • 2 for y,
      • 3 for z.
  • preFact Vector contains the values of the prefactors in the sum.
  • string Original input string.

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