parsed = sw_readparam(format,Name,Value)


parsed = sw_readparam(format,Name,Vale) parses name-value pair arguments. The parsing is controlled by the given format input. The name-value pairs are converted into the parsed struct which has field names identical to the given parameter names and corresponding values taken from the input. format can also define required dimensionality of a given value and default values for select parameters.

sw_readparam is used in most of the method functions of spinw.

Input Arguments

A struct with the following fields:
  • fname Field names, \(n_{param}\) strings in cell.
  • size Required dimensions of the corresponding value in a cell of \(n_{param}\) vectors. Negative integer means dimension has to match with any other dimension which has the identical negative integer.
  • defval Cell of \(n_{param}\) values, provides default values for missing parameters.
  • soft Cell of \(n_{param}\) logical values, optional. If soft(i) is true, in case of missing parameter value \(i\), no warning will be given.