sw_timeit(percent, {mode},{tid},{title})


sw_timeit(percent, {mode},{fid},{title}) can display remaining time of a calculation that is run for a fixed number of iterations. It can output the status both in the Command Window and in a pup up window using [waitbar].

Input Arguments

Percentage of the calculation that is already done.
Controls the time estimation, optional parameter:
  • 1 Starts the time estimation.
  • 0 Displays of the remaining time, default value.
  • 2 The calculation finished, show a summary.
Determines if the elapsed and required time for the calculation is displayed. The default value is determined by the tid preference stored in swpref. The following values are allowed:
  • 0 No timing is displayed.
  • 1 Display the timing in the Command Window.
  • 2 Show the timing in a separat pup-up window.
The text to show in the pup up window.

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