onlineRev = sw_update(installDir)


sw_update creates a new folder with the latest release beside the current SpinW installation, downloads the newses SpinW version and adds the new version to the Matlab search path and also removes the old version from the search path. If the search path is defined in the startup.m file, it has to be changed manually.

Each step of the update process can be controlled by the user via the interactive Command Line provided by the function.

Input Arguments

Folder name, where the new version is installed. Default is the parent folder of the current version of SpinW. If installDir is '.', the update will be installed to current folder.
Retrieve the latest pre-release if it is newer than the latest release. If it is older, download the latest release.

Output Arguments

onlineVer If output is defined, the revision number of the online SpinW is given, optional.