Handles are equal if they are handles for the same object.  All 
comparisons use a number associated with each handle object.  Nothing
can be assumed about the result of a handle comparison except that the
repeated comparison of two handles in the same MATLAB session will 
yield the same result.  The order of handle values is purely arbitrary 
and has no connection to the state of the handle objects being 
H1 <= H2 performs element-wise comparisons between handle arrays H1 and
H2.  H1 and H2 must be of the same dimensions unless one is a scalar.
The result is a logical array of the same dimensions, where each
element is an element-wise >= result.
If one of H1 or H2 is scalar, scalar expansion is performed and the 
result will match the dimensions of the array that is not scalar.
TF = LE(H1, H2) stores the result in a logical array of the same 
See also SWPREF, SWPREF/EQ, SWPREF/GE, SWPREF/GT, SWPREF/LT, SWPREF/NE Help for swpref/le is inherited from superclass HANDLE
Reference page in Doc Center
   doc swpref/le