stat = anneal(obj,Name,Value)


stat = annealloop(obj,Name,Value) performs simulated annealing while stepwise changing a selected parameter such as temperature or magnetic field while measuring thermodynamic properties. The function has the same parameters as spinw.anneal plus an additional

Input Arguments

spinw object.

Name-Value Pair Arguments

Function that changes the parameters in the spinw object in every loop. Default function is to change the temperature:

The function takes two inputs a spinw object and a parameter value (ir values in a vector) and changes the correspondign property inside the object.

Matrix of values of the loop parameter, with dimensions of \([n_{par}\times n_{loop}]\). Default value is 1. In the i-th loop the loop function is called as:
If true, the spinw object is saved after every annealing step for debugging purposes. Default is false.
Determines if the elapsed and required time for the calculation is displayed. The default value is determined by the tid preference stored in swpref. The following values are allowed (for more details seee sw_timeit):
  • 0 No timing is executed.
  • 1 Display the timing in the Command Window.
  • 2 Show the timing in a separat pup-up window.

Output Arguments

Same output as of spinw.anneal, just the struct is packaged into a cell with \(n_{loop}\) number of elements.


Kirkpatrick, S., Gelatt, C.D., & Vecchi, M.P. (1983). Optimization by Simulated Annealing. Science, 220, 671-680.

See Also

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