R = sw_rotmat(rotAxis,rotAngle)


R = sw_rotmat(rotAxis,rotAngle) produces the R rotation matrix that rotates any vector around the given rotAxis rotation axis by rotAngle angle in radian. Positive rotation is the right-hand direction around the rotation axis and using the following rotation formula:

VR = R*V

To rotate tensors (\(3\times 3\) matrices) use the following formula:

Mp = R * M * R';

Input Arguments

Axis of rotation, stored in a row vector with 3 elements.
Angle of rotation in radian, can be also a row vector with \(n_{ang}\) number of elements.

Output Arguments

Rotation matrix with dimensions of \([3\times 3]\) if a single rotation angle is given. If rotAngle is a vector, R will contain a rotation matrix for each angle, it’s dimensions are \([3\times 3\times n_{ang}]\).

See Also

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