y = func.pvoigt(x,p)


y = func.pvoigt(x,p) calculates the \(y\) values for a pseudovoigt function evaluated at \(x\) and with parameters defined in p. The Gaussian and Lorentzian functions are normalized to amplitude 1 before the mixing.

Input Arguments

Coordinate vector where the function will be evaluated.
Parameter vector with the following elements p=[A x0 wG wL mu] where:
  • A amplitude of the signal,
  • x0 center of the peak,
  • wG FWHM value of the Gaussian, has to be positive,
  • wL FWHM value of the Lorentzian, has to be positive,
  • mu mixing constant, mu=1 for pure Lorenzian, mu=0 for pure Gaussian, the value has to be within the \((0,1)\) range.

See Also

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