These tutorials can help to understand quickly how SpinW works. It is possible to download the Matlab code of any of the tutorials using the following Matlab command:


where the link to the tutorial has to be pasted.

Tutorial 1

Spin wave spectrum of the Heisenberg ferromagnetic nearest-neighbor spin chain

Tutorial 10

Energy cuts and Horace integration

Tutorial 11

Spin wave spectrum of La2CuO4

Tutorial 12

Triangular lattice AF with easy plane anisotropy

Tutorial 13

Spin wave spectrum of LiNiPO4

Tutorial 14

Spin wave disperion of YVO3

Tutorial 15

Spin wave spectrum of Ba3NbFe3Si2O14

Tutorial 16

Spin wave spectrum of the honeycomb lattice Na2IrO3

Tutorial 17

Symbolic spin wave dispersion of FM chain

Tutorial 18

Spin wave spectrum of the distorted kagome KCu3As2O7(OD)3

Tutorial 19

Spin-spin correlation function of two different coupled magnetic ion

Tutorial 2

Antiferromagnetic nearest-neighbour spin chain

Tutorial 20

Spin wave spectrum of Yb2Ti2O7

Tutorial 21

Spin wave spectrum of YIG

Tutorial 3

Frustrated J1-J2 AFM chain

Tutorial 30

Help on SpinW

Tutorial 31

Internal data structure of SpinW

Tutorial 32

Basic symmetry analysis

Tutorial 33

Introduction to Plotting Chemistry

Tutorial 34

Symmetry of Na2IrO3

Tutorial 35

Crystal structure of LuVO3

Tutorial 36

Anisotropic exchange on the FM chain

Tutorial 37

Dispersion of a triangular lattice

Tutorial 38

T and T' modes of Ca2RuO4

Tutorial 4

Antiferromagnetic square lattice

Tutorial 5

Ferromagnetic first neighbor Kagome lattice

Tutorial 6

Ferromagnetic kagome lattice

Tutorial 7

k=0 Kagome antiferromagnet

Tutorial 8

sqrt(3) x sqrt(3) Kagome antiferromagnet

Tutorial 9

k=0 Kagome antiferromagnet with DM interaction